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Leedshack begins!


This weekend I have decided (against my better judgement) to not sleep for 18 hours and instead to attend Dom Hodgeson's (@thehodge) excellent #Leedshack event. We have a great team this year with Will Saunders (@willsbrain) on illustration/design duties, myself on UX development and animation and Paul Johnson (@rusty_box) running the backend.

We are going to try to create an exciting - and temporarily secret (although our team name is Textagotchi so you may be able to guess what we're doing) - application using the mediaburst API, our hope is to either make a million-pound idea and/or win a nexus tablet.

You can follow our progress on our new twitter account. I may even set up a live stream at some point (if the internet ever starts working properly) so you can all look at my beautiful face as I code.

Wish us luck!

Article author: Alex Foxleigh