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I wrote this as part of an assignment last week, the assignment was to write a scene which linked two action scenes: a scene where a demon eats a young girls family and a scene where the demon returns to finish the job by eating her.  Here is the scene I wrote:

Haley shuddered, she reached over her keyboard for a glass of water and drank deeply, each gulp pushing the memories further into the dark recesses of her mind.Eyes closed, breathe... eyes open. "What was I doing?" she thought, her screensaver had started playing, she hadn't realised she had zoned out for so long, she nudged her mouse, "oh, that's it, spreadsheets, how exciting" she thought, barely able to hide the sneer on her face.

She was above this, where had the thrill gone from her life? The adventure, the drama, the horror! "Oh GOD!" she thought as she realised that she did actually miss the horror.

She looked at her calendar, checking the dates, In three months it will have been five years since she had last seen it, or was it ten years?  She had found herself so confused lately, forgetting details that she really should remember.

She looked outside at the street below, it was so misty, she could not even see the office block opposite. She reached over again to get another drink and was surprised to see that there was no glass on her table.

"oh" she thought, "i could have sworn I had a glass of water"

She stood up to go over to the water fountain, looking around her to see if any of her colleague wanted a drink as well. Her eyes widened and shock forced her back to her seat "oh shite I've gone mad" she thought.

She stoop up again and looked around her empty office, there were no people, no chairs, no pot plants and no desks. Amazed she looked down at her own desk, in it's place, a cut down log, where here chair once was, a boulder had replaced it.

The elevator dinged, she span around to see if she saw a familiar face and was horrified to see that she did, it was her mothers, mouth hung open, her long brown hair stuck to her cheeks with deep red blood and sticky black saliva, hayley looked into her mothers eyes and saw that they were devoid of life.

The demon, now finished with her mother and aware that Hailey was returning to lucidity, raised his head and scuttled over, Hailey saw the glint of her mothers blood on the creatures teeth and then saw nothing else.

Article author: Alex Foxleigh