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Let's Kill Capitalism!


This year is proving to be a great year for achieving my goals. Not only did I get married (goal 4) but I've now just published my book (Goal 5)!

The book is my first foray into non-fiction and is a socio-economic philosophy book called 'Let's Kill Capitalism'.

What is it about?

Personally, I've learned how to do fairly well in a capitalist society but boy-oh-boy was is tough going, I also can't claim that the process from being on the poverty-line to being moderately successful was all my own doing either, a fairly large part of my success has to be attributed to plain old luck. For those who are not so lucky, Capitalism is a harsh reality many people have to live in. Practically every bad thing in this world can be boiled down to one thing: The money motivator.

Let's Kill Capitalism is about an alternative to living in a money-based society which I call 'Aretecracy', it suggests a world where you get ahead in life and 'rise above' by being an exemplary example of humanity. The greedier you are and the more you want from life, the better a person you will be motivated to be in an Aretecratic society, as being good is the only way to succeed and being bad will literally get you nowhere good.

If you are interested in reading the book, you can buy it from Amazon. I'll also be writing regular updates on the website I've built for the book:, that site also includes a free copy of 'The Aretecratic Manifesto'.

Article author: Alex Foxleigh