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It's a dogs life


Again this was another short story written for a course assignment, it is a little rough as it has not been edited yet. I'll try to give it an edit soon:

Gareth sat on the shore and marvelled at the sound of the waves gently sloshing around his feet, his bum was getting wet but he didn't care, he'd never seen the ocean before and oh my was it beautiful.

"Graham!" ma shouted, "come along"

That's not my name, he thought to himself, wishing he could communicate this to her. Obediently though he stood up and ran over to her, his frustration immediately giving way to love.

Ma touched his head, her hands felt wonderful rubbing through his hair, he looked up at her dotingly and she in turn gazed back at him, the light of love twinkling in her eyes. Oh how he loved his ma.

In the distance Gareth saw birds flying down onto the sand, they were eating something, he wondered if it was delicious, he had seen birds lots of times in the garden but only little ones plus, on occasion a few big black ones but they were mean to him. These birds looked mean too so he kept his distance.

"hey" ma said "what's this?"

His ears pricked up at the sound of one of his favourite sentences, he span around to see ma holding on to a shiny grey ball, his tongue flopped out of his mouth as he raised his head to grin widely at her.

"Go get it!" she said and threw the ball as far as she could.

Gareth was elated, he sprinted down the beach as fast as he could and felt more alive than he had ever before. The birds screeched, the waves sloshed the sun shone and he was loved.

Article author: Alex Foxleigh