This is a legacy article from 2012

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Here is a little snippet for a short story I am writing, as always, your feedback is appreciated :) :

Somewhere in the distance she heard a gentle drumming sound. It was growing louder, the world flashed red and suddenly glowed a brilliant, blinding white. The Darkness screamed as it was torn away


He felt like he’d forgotten something, someone, a woman, she felt to him like a distant dream echoing from the past, he heard a noise. The sun rose in the night sky.

The Darkness screamed as it was torn away.

A light shone in the Darkness, the Darkness tried to extinguish it but the light was stronger. He felt the pull of life surge through him, where was he? What was that drumming sound?

The Darkness screamed as it was torn away.


Mark watched with amazement as the chemicals began to work their magic, it had taken his team decades to perfect this formula, each one of them knew exactly how it worked and yet, seeing in action felt alien, this was not science. This was the work of God. This was magic.

Each of the bodies started to twitch, it was both fascinating and grotesque to watch their decomposed remains reconstruct themselves. Particularly the one which had been dead for over a hundred years. Nobody expected the treatments to work on him, he was merely part of their control group and yet - like something out of a zombie movie - he was beginning to return to life.

He heard a gurgling sound behind him and whipped his head around, he stared at her and forgot himself for a moment, his mind snapped back to the task at hand, she... the female was waking up, her face was contorted with terror and it looked like she was trying to scream. He knew she was in pain.

Mark smiled.

Article author: Alex Foxleigh