New blog platform!


OK it's been a long old while since I've bothered with this blog. Part of it (although this is totally an excuse) is that I've never really been a fan of WordPress. So I've migrated it all to a new platform. Welcome back!

For those who are interested, the blog now runs on a software platform called Gatsby, it's a website building platform which uses flat-files instead of databases which means I no longer have to faff around with a CMS and can just write posts in markdown - which is lovely :)

I've also taken the opportunity to refresh the design a bit. It's far from finalised and I've still got a lot of tweaking to do, for a start off, I haven't made it responsive and I've not really put any thought into the colour scheme, so expect lots of changes over the coming weeks/months/years.

I've also got a new name, my old blog was called 'LXWord' which is how you would pronounce 'Alex Ward' in a Hull accent (my home town) but I'm not Alex Ward anymore, I'm Alex Foxleigh. So I've decided to go boring and just call it 'The Foxleigh Blog'.

A few things to note

Legacy tags

EVERY article posted before this one has got a 'legacy' tag attached to it. This means that the article was written for a previous iteration of the site and I can't guarantee that it will look good. I plan to go through articles which still have some merit and update them but I have no idea when I'll find the time to do that so you can expect to see the legacy tag for quite some time.


Not added pagination yet, who knows, maybe by the time you read this post, I will have done but until then, happy scrolling.


Same as above, it's pretty near the top of my to-do list but I've not gotten around to it yet.

So that's it. New blog, hope you like it.

Article author: Alex Foxleigh