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I moustache you a question


For the third year running, I am going to take part in Movember, the international charity which encourages men all over the world to grow hideous facial hair in return for sponsorship money.

For those of you who have never heard of Movember before then I suggest you watch this excellent little video that they made in order to spread awareness of the cause:

Or if you can't be arsed to watch the video, here is a quick synopsis:

Me grow hair on face, me collect money from other people for charity, charity use it to research rudy-parts cancers.

Last year, the amazing company where I work came up with an idea called 'Gallery of Mo', basically if you donate money to a member of our team, one of our excellent designers (or one of our 'we can't draw at all' developers (if you only donate a few quid) will draw a portrait of you sporting a moose-toosh!

We even get celebrity artists in on occasion, last year I had an amazing portrait of myself drawn by none other than Charlie Adlard (of Walking dead fame) himself. It was a bargain at only £50 too!

If you want to donate to me then please visit my Movember profile page at I hope you can donate as I really do not enjoy looking like someones creepy uncle for a month and knowing that I've helped to save a few lives makes me feel a lot better about the whole fuzzy-lipped ordeal.

Article author: Alex Foxleigh