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Holy crap, I'm married!


In my last post, I mentioned that one of my year goals was to marry my wonderful girlfriend. I also said that it wasn't going to happen this year as we had neither the time nor the money to have a wedding.

Well a few weeks after making that post, we decided 'screw it!' and 2 days ago, we got married!

Also, we're not a normal couple, we have a tendency to do things our own way and we decided that instead of her taking my surname or me taking hers, we would create our own! So we are now Mr and Mrs Foxleigh. We chose the name because both of us love nature, particularly woodland and meadows, 'Leigh' is an old-english word that means wood, clearing and meadow (coincidentally it is also the name of a town not far from where we live!) and Foxes are amongst our favourite animals. So technically our name means 'A fox in a woodland clearing' which we think is beautiful.

So there we go, It's only April and I've already smashed one of my 2017 life goals! The only slight problem now is that my blog is a play on my old name 'Alex Ward' so this one might need to be re-thunk.

Article author: Alex Foxleigh