This is a legacy article from 2016

It was written for a previous version of this site so please excuse any graphical issues. If you see any broken images or links however. Please let me know.

New theme is live!


As you've probably noticed, if you've been here before. I've updated the theme! I finally got around to making a completely customised one based on the 'sandbox' template.

It's not 100% perfect yet, the comments still look a bit crap, the images on the home page are square for some reason and there are a few features I've yet to add to it but it's good enough for launch so I figured, fuck it, ship it.

Keep an eye out for future updates as they are definitely on the horizon.

If you want to use the theme yourself. Feel free to clone it from Github, however I didn't make this for others, I made it for me so you might have to crowbar in any extra features you want to use. Also that repo is for my entire blog (no, I didn't commit the config file before you go looking) so you'll have to dig around for the theme. However I've got quite a nice build too set up there so feel free to use that too!

Update: Everything is looking half decent now. I've replaced the old comment system with Disqus too so apologies if any of your old comments were lost. I know there were not that many anyway.

There are still things I want to do. I think the header should be reduced on article pages and a featured image er... feature added to make landing on articles look a bit more special. Plus I've decided that the 'quirky' way the articles flow on the home page isn't quirky, it's rubbish, so I'll be adding a masonry grid soon too.

It's all in front of you like a wheelbarrow!

Article author: Alex Foxleigh