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BBQ Digital


I know, I know. I'm rubbish at updating this blog. In my defence though, I've been busy building a new company!

I'm very proud to introduce you to BBQ Digital.

I've always wanted to run my own agency, I always felt that other agencies were too quick to cut-corners, even some incredibly reputable agencies I've worked with in the past have been eager to 'get it out of the door and get the money in', I struggled with this approach as I saw website design as an art form, something that needed to be crafted with love and attention. Not something that is cobbled together with a 'that'll do nod of approval from the line manager'.

Fortunately, my lovely girlfriend, Colette shared this view of the world, she had spent most of her adult life in a corporate background and constantly saw corner-cutting everywhere she went, she was just as excited as I to be part of something where quality is paramount. We even called our company 'BBQ' which stands for 'Building Better Quality'.

We started planning and saving for our business over a year and half ago: The first step was to gain a reputation (and some start-up capital) by leaving my comfortable (but mentally untaxing) job at Twentysix digital, where I had spent the previous 3 years working as an interface developer and join the exciting world of freelance development.

Amazingly, this took off faster than we had ever thought possible, after my first assignment at an agency called Bolser, I was quickly able to find work at some incredibly reputable companies, word spread quickly about the speed and reliability I worked at and I never found myself short of offers.

In October I said goodbye to the world of contracting as we now had all we needed to get started on our venture. I'll leave the story of that for another post. For now I shall leave you with a link to our website and an invite for you to explore our company.

I hope you like what you see.

Article author: Alex Foxleigh